Supplementary Regulations

These supplementary regulations apply to the New Zealand eXtreme Off Road Championship.


CLASS Class/Capacity Course Championship
GOLD Open Gold YES
SILVER Open Silver YES
Vets 40 + Silver YES
Vets 50 + Silver YES
BRONZE Open Bronze YES
Ladies + Bronze YES

At the discretion of the organising club, all riders must be aged 15 years or over and hold SENIOR competition licenses.

Eligibility for Age-Related Classes

A rider MUST have reached the minimum age for the class on or before the day of the first event in the series.

A rider may finish the season in the class in which they started the season. For instance:

  • A rider has competed for several events in the 40+ class but has now turned 50. They may finish the season in the 40+ class.

Series Scoring

Riders drop their worst North Island Round. Three of the four rounds count for the championship.

Points Tie

In the event that there is a tie on points at the conclusion of a series, final placings will be decided as follows:

  1. Where a round was dropped, that dropped round will be added back in and the final result, in respect of the tied riders only, recalculated
  2. The rider with the best results over the series will get the higher placing as per rule 6.7a
  3. The rider who won the last (and, if necessary, the last-1, last-2, etc.) event will get the higher place

Event Management

Event Round Prizes: It is at the discretion of the organizing club whether trophies, prizes, or medals are awarded at the day’s completion. There is no requirement to have a prize-giving.

Rider Seeding: The Gold class riders may be required to start at the front of the field, followed by Silver, Vets 40+, Bronze, Vets 50+, Ladies and Juniors.


Championship points are awarded as per rule 6.14a, as indicated below:

  • 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Noise Testing

Noise testing may occur at any events. Any bike determined to be at 96db or over, as per rule 14.8l, will be excluded from the event.

Event Marking

It is the sole responsibility of the rider to follow the correct course for their grade. Organisers must provide well-marked and easy to follow tracks.

Riders that fail to adequately follow the track marking will be penalised.

If a rider feels that they have been penalised unfairly then they should take it up with the riders rep. The action taken is at the discretion (and agreement) of the riders rep, MNZ Steward, and Clerk of the Course.

In extreme circumstances a section or special test may be excluded from the days results.

Event Format

The aim of the eXtreme Off Road Championship is to provide events that will be designed using the available terrain to be extremely challenging for the riders and an ultimate test the riders ability and skills. The event format can be one of, or a combination of Motocross (Prologues) Cross Country and Enduro. Clubs are free to design their event format to create the course and subject to the approval of the Enduro Commissioner adapt the MNZ rules to suit the event.

For example, an event might run under Cross Country rules but also use an Enduro starting procedure, check points, alternate course sections and be scored on elapsed time.

Track Conditions

If a section of the course deteriorates to a point that later riders become unfairly penalized due to track deterioration, changing weather conditions, a track blocked by riders, etc. it may be cancelled. It is at the discretion (and agreement) of the riders rep, MNZ steward and the Clerk of the Course whether any section and/or special test is cancelled.


Results will be available at the conclusion of the event, unless there is a suitable protest.

Any queries about the day’s results should be taken up, in the first instance, with the points co-ordinator. For the 2020 year this is John Rushworth.

Most errors are either a misunderstanding by the rider, or a data entry error by the points co-ordinator, or a simple error by another official. These can usually be quickly sorted out.

The points co-ordinator does not have the authority to adjudicate over any issues relating to the running of the event. For example: a rider stopped to help an injured rider and wants time credited back.

In these cases, the rider should first speak to the rider’s rep and they will consult with the MNZ Steward & the Clerk of the Course. In the event of a formal protest the protest committee is made up of the MNZ Steward, the riders rep and a representative of the club (Usually the Clerk of Course). The collective decision of the committee will be conveyed to the points co-ordinator, along with any action in relation to the days scoring that may be required in regards to this incident.

If, after an event, an error or omission is suspected, then the rider should contact the points co-ordinator AND the series organiser. If it is an obvious error and/or omission, then the points co-ordinator will endeavour to rectify it immediately. The series organiser reserves the right to adjudicate in any such query.

Incident Resolution

If a rider has a concern about any aspect of the running of the event they should raise it with the rider’s rep. The rider’s rep will consult the protest committee who will make every effort to hear all sides of the issue. After hearing from all interested parties these three people will make a decision.

This decision is final.

If a rider wants to escalate an issue further then they need to make a formal protest to the MNZ via the rider’s rep. If for any reason the publication of results is delayed until after the completion of the event, a protest can be made directly to MNZ within seven days, as per Chapter 7 Disciplinary Processes (Off Road).

It is required that the protest is lodged 30 minutes after the results are posted on the day of the event but riders shall have up to 2 working days from the date of notification of the official results. See rules, (rule 7.2.2e. & f.)