2020 New Zealand Extreme Off Road Championship, North Island Enduro Championship and Central Enduro Series

12th & 13th September

This briefing is to give you important information so please take time to read. We want you to enjoy the event and this briefing contains information that will help. We also want to give you an event which is Fun, Safe and Fair.

This is event is being run under the NZ Sport Covid-19 Alert Level 2 Guidelines.


Clerk of Course is Murray Dick. The C.O.C role is to run this meeting, managing the Marshall?s and other personnel involved in the running of the meeting. Not dealing with any protests or issues regarding the rules.

The event Steward is Charles Colpman. The Steward will be ensuring the rules are followed correctly and will be dealing with any issues surrounding these and any others matters. They are not running the meeting.

The Series Riders Rep is Justin Stevenson. The rider?s rep is the first person you should see if you have a problem, complaint or issue. They will endeavour to find a solution. If you have any questions regarding the rules of this series they may be able to assist you. If they cannot, they will see the Steward.

Series Sponsors

The Protest Committee are: Steward, Local Club Rep, Riders Rep, or substitutes as required due to conflict of Interests.

As organisers, we have made things as safe as reasonably practicable. You need to be aware that Motorcycle Racing/Events can be dangerous. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this risk or have any concerns, you need to raise them directly with one of the Senior Officials immediately after this briefing, or throughout the event's duration. If they cannot alleviate your concerns you should not participate in this event.

Rider responsibilities:

  • Make sure you have understood the duty of care statement.
  • You have read and understood the General Competition Rules (GCR).
  • You have read and understood the supplementary regulations and the important information in them.

These responsibilities include:

  • Taking the opportunity for inspection of the track.
  • Riding to the track conditions with due regard for the safety of other riders and officials.
  • Obeying directions of all officials and medical people.
  • Knowing the meaning of the arrows and Class/Grade Directional Signage.
  • Signing entry and indemnity forms to signify your acceptance of the risks involved in participating today.

Ignorance is no excuse at this event: Everything has been done to inform you of what is required. There will be no acceptance of your lack of knowledge of the rules.

If you believe you have been disadvantaged due to a rule being broken or have an issue with the behaviour of another competitor, or their crew, then please see your Rider's Rep in the first instance. Should they not be able to address your concerns then you have the right to lodge a protest through them to the Steward of the event.

Safety Concerns

If you have safety concerns with the venue or the operation of the meeting you need to see any event official, including the Riders Rep. They will forward your concerns to the Clerk of the Course.

If they cannot satisfy your concerns then you need to consider withdrawing from competition at this meeting.


Arrow Colours

Arrows will be ORANGE for Saturdays Enduro and a combination of ORANGE and PINK for the eXtreme event.


  • Yellow Flag: End of TT timed section, Slow and proceed to timing personnel, or boundary of a Time Checkpoint.
  • Entering and exiting the starting area: Dead engine start, on riders start minute, move 20m under power within 1 min.
  • Entering and exiting the Checkpoint areas: Push in, and push out on your minute, 60 pts per minute ‘checking in early’ Riding in Checkpoint area 500 pts

Timing: Silver Bullet

Final Results: Preliminary results will be published at the events. The final results will be published online and any protests will be managed as per rule 7.2.2f.

There will not be a prize giving on the day of the event. If the events are confirmed - trophies may be available for collection.

Public have Access: Be mindful of the security of your equipment when you are on track. Be mindful of public safety.

Crashes & Breakdowns: If possible get yourself off the track, but Stay where you are, don’t walk off.

Injured Riders: Next rider to offer assistance, and send the next rider for help, usually easiest to follow the marked course.

Always ride in the direction of the marked course ‘Do Not’ ride in the opposite direction.

Helmets are to be Worn: When riding in the anywhere within this event, this includes pits.

Noise, Alcohol and Drug Testing: May take place during this meeting in accordance with the GCRs.

Photographers: May be present during this meeting.

Sign On:

Sign on will be by preregistration online at or you can sign on at the event but due to Covid-19 restrictions this will be a slow process.

Riders who have preregistered will have their start numbers assigned in the order they sign on. Riders start order will be ordered according to grade, AA, A, Trail Class (Sat) Gold, Silver, Bronze (Sun).

Riders competing in the Saturday Enduro will be seeded in their finish order and be placed ahead of riders who have only entered Sundays event.

Riders will be given their number and enduro card (Sat) on the day of the event.

When you arrive at the event in your vehicle, a marshal will check off your pre-entry or provide you with an entry form to be completed before sign-on. If you haven?t brought a signed copy of the riders briefing confirmation (see below), you will be provided with a copy to sign and present at to the marshals at the sign on. All additional people will be recorded for contact tracing using the ?Ap? or by completing the contact tracing form.

The marshal will direct you to your car park area. The carparks will be separated into classes to ensure there no gatherings at the event can exceed 100 people and that gatherings can be no closer than 2m. You are responsible for ensuring that you and all the people with you attending the event, maintain the current Covid-19 Alert level physical distancing limit 2m.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the sign in process on the day may be slow. There will be three separate queues, day licenses, enter on the day and pre-entered riders. All riders queuing will need to queue and maintain physical distancing of 2 metres. Preregistration and prepayment will save you a lot of time on the day and ensure the event runs smoothly and on time

Day Licenses

All riders requiring day licences will need to queue at a separate location to complete the day license form prior to sign on.

Questions? Please email Justin at